Friday, March 6, 2009

Different Types of Tortoises

The most common pet Tortoise is the Herman.Herman tortoises may also be called mediterranean tortoises. The Herman lives up 75 years or more.
Its sizes varies from 6-8 inches. Its diet usaully consists of green leaves, grasses and vegetables(cabbage,brocoli,carrots and cucumber) and fruits.(apples,grapes and melons) The herman needs to live in warm living conditions from around 27-30 degrees. They also need to hibernate
The Leopard Tortoise are around 16-18 inches and weigh about 40-50 pounds. The Leopard tortoise usaully lives for around 50 years or more. They have a high fiber diet which includes grasses and greens, small amounts of vegetables may be offered too. They need to live in warm temperature condititions between 27 to 32 degress. If your keeping a lepord tortoise as a pet you will probaly need to keep them indoors for part of the year. They do not hibernate but may slow down in colder months.

The russian tortoise lives for around 50 years, and get anywhere between 4-8 inches long.They should be fed grasses,flowers,leaves and a variety of greens. Do try to avoid fruits if you can. Russian tortoises enjoy burrowing, their heat living conditions arent as high and should usually be between 20-24 degrees. They dont tend to like being indoors for to long, though they must be taken indoors as they hibernate.

Red footed tortoises can also be called savanna tortoises or cherry heads. They live up to 50 years and sometimes longer. You can buy dwarf red footed tortoises that are a length of 10-12 inches, or else you can buy a normal red footed which often reach a length of 16 inches or more. They are omnivores and tend to eat a wide variety of foods. Though you must to careful not to overfeed them. They eat, green leaves,grass,vaegetables,fruit,cat food and now and again its good to feed them a bit of red meat. This tortoise prefers a humid climate of around 18-21 degrees. A large enclosure is needed if your keeping a red footed tortoise as a pet. They do not hibernate.

Sulcata Tortoises may also be known as the African spurred tortoise. They can live until 80-100 years, sometimes even longer. They are said to be the longest living tortoises. They are very large weighing between 80-110 pounds and their length is usually 24-30 inches. Their herbivorous which means they need a high fiber/ low protein diet. They eat mainly grasses, small amounts of leafy green vegetables can be ok. They enjoy being outdoors and need a stronge large fence as they enjoy borrowing. Though at night it is advised to keep them indoors, since their so large a shed is often advised. They do not hibernate, but do enjoy climbing which leads them to fall on their back which can be dangerous at times. So you must keep a close eye on them is theres anything they can climb on nearby.

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